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WP Super Cache Made Easy: A Step-By- Step Guide to Speeding Up Your Site
Par Donna_carol-little Donna Carol - le 07-03-2018

Whenever the website is created the owners want to ensure that the visitors get the best experience. The biggest disappointment that one faces when they are building a website is when the loading time is too much. When the websites load slowly then the visitors move to the other sites which are considered a great loss as they form an opinion and they are unlikely to return to this one. It negatively affects the raking and then the website is doomed. The efforts which were invested in making the website and in getting the quality content together do not mean anything now if the viewers are not able to reach the same on time.

Many website users understand the importance of having a fast loading and functioning website but they do not know how to ensure that it happens. They are not the one who develop these pages and also do not have a clue how to bring about the change. The website created using free WP themes are great and function properly but when they slow down and the owner is looking for support then the best way to find that support is by using WP Super Cache.

You should first understand how the website is made available to the visitors. This is a bit of a technical part but the knowledge will help the website owners to solve their problems. The website is built with a lot of process like PHP or querying of the database. In most of the cases, the website does that dynamically. This means that there are separate processes for all these steps. Now we all use smart and fast devices but sometimes the completion of all these processes takes time and until they are all done the site is not accessible or fully available to the visitors.

You can thus use WP Super Cache to solve this loading and speed issues
Install the WP cache plug-in:- the WordPress.com has a directory from where you can down the plug-in and install it right on the dashboard. The process is simple you need to go to ‘Ad New’ search for the plug-in Install Now and then click on activate.

The use of the free WP themes creates websites which are great to use and the users should think about keeping it highly functional by adding a good amount of functional plug-ins. 

WP Super cache easily starts to work and wonders with the website. The testing can be done with the use of landing page or the website. The advanced setting options with this plug-in improve the load time much better. The one plug-in gives the maximum boost to the website performance.

How to use these settings?
Once the plug-in has been installed then the user should follow these steps 
Go to Settings – then locate the plug-in in question- WP Super cache in the Dashboard.

Your cache should be on and then click on the box which is ‘Update Status’. This is the basic page caching which is now active on the page.

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