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Do Inactive Plugins Slow Down Your WordPress Website?
Par Author-little Linda Maynard - le 07-03-2018

It is very common that the WordPress users often use plug-ins to improve the functionality of the website.  The plug-ins are often tested before they are finally used. Since downloading these plug-ins and activating them is a simple task there are many plug-ins which are added to the list. The ones which do not find the place on the website or the onug-ins slows the speed of the website. 

There are many blogs and experts who suggest that when your WordPress website is performing slow then you must remove these unwanted plug-ins which could be a reason for the same.  Let’s find out in detail what these plug-ins do and doesn’t do.

What arees that do not feel relevant to the website functioning are then deactivated. They are mostly not removed as it is felt like a very redundant task. The question now that most of think about is that do these deactivated pl deactivated plug-ins?

WordPress provides its users a lot of support in enhancing their functionalities. One such very powerful support is in the form of plug-ins. When the users download a plug-in the file is downloaded and saved in the web hosting server. Now when you aim at using the plug-in then you must activate it. The downloaded plug-in can be activated later or when they are not in use or do not fulfill the purpose then they can be deactivated.

These inactive plug-in files are still left in the web hosting server data but do not add any functions to the website as of now. The website users can find all their plug-ins in the WordPress admin area. There are active as well as inactive plug-ins mentioned here. The active plug-ins are highlighted in Blue and the ones which are inactive are not highlighted and they also have a delete button below them. 

Do inactive plug-ins slow the performance of WordPress Sites?

Even when most of the experts and bloggers show that this is one of the main reasons why the website is running slow the fact is that deactivated plug-ins and inactive plug-ins do not slow down the WordPress.  This can be understood when we see what they do when they are inactive. 

The users when they request the page from the WordPress Site then the WordPress website starts loading the active plug-ins. The inactive plug-ins are ignored and not considered while loading. This means that even with many of such inactive plug-ins will not affect the loading process as these will be ignored. When the website is running slow then the users must understand that there could be many reasons for it but not inactive plug-ins. 

Should you delete these plug-ins then?

The question here is why did you use the plug-in in the first place. The reason why there is a deactivate plug-in option is that most of the website grows progressively. The website owners also have stages whether they could use a certain functionality. They install the plug-in and then deactivate it as they feel that now is not the right time to use it. They deactivate for later use or so is the thought behind the option. Deleting the same would mean that the plug-in will become inactive and all the setting will be gone with it. That is not what the users want. They have changed the setting to what they would require even when it is in the future. 

If the plug-in is not going to be used at all then there is no need to keep it at the back of the website and must be deleted.

Inactive plug-ins are harmless and the users must understand that. 

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